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pk10模式长期稳赚:Long letter fund Ye Song: reverse investment strategy selection of high quality standard

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内容摘要: With the concept of long-term investment gradually gaining popularity, the market is increasingly accepting regular open-end funds, and the...

With the concept of long-term investment gradually gaining popularity, the market is increasingly accepting regular open-end funds, and the performance of such funds is also relatively stable. Market volatility is unavoidable, investment risks and gains go hand in hand, and the growth of fund performance will also be accompanied by short-term fluctuations. For fund managers, buying good companies and holding them for a long period of time is far more deterministic than chasing ups and downs and frequent operations. For investors, maintaining a certain degree of tolerance for staged performance adjustment is far more frequent than frequent application. The certainty of redemption is high.

The periodical open-end fund, which combines the characteristics of the open-end fund "open application for redemption" and the closed-end fund of closed-end fund , on the one hand, helps avoid individual investors who like to chase after sell-off and hold too short a time. On the other hand, avoiding the redemption pressure during the operation period, the fund manager can better play its investment strategy.

Take the example of the two-year fixed stocks being selected for the long letter company that is being issued. The fund is managed by long letter fund director of the equity investment department, Ye Song. According to reports, the fund continues Ye Song's consistent investment style and adopts reverse investment. Strategy + low valuation strategy. Ye Song said that he will not follow the hot spots and themes of the market by chasing after the waves, but instead excavate the cheap high-quality targets and stick to them, and change the space for time. As for the "cheap bids," the choice is not to look at absolute PE valuations, but to establish each one. The industry's valuation system, combined with historical valuation levels and future development trends, selects industry leaders to buy and hold.

Choosing the current time to issue the fund, Ye Song pointed out that the A-share market is spiraling upwards. Since the 2015 high, many industries and individual stocks have fully digested their valuations, especially growth stocks; coupled with the current economic development momentum. The system of good, financial deleveraging, and the state's vigorous encouragement of innovation have provided a healthy development environment for some industries. “The industry bubble and value return to alternate cycles, the market will never lack opportunities, and it needs a mature framework to layout. It needs patience, and the closure period of two years or so is more suitable.”





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